My name is Meg, and I am a born and raised New Englander, growing up on the sandy beaches of Cape Cod. I am the eldest of four children, three girls, one boy. Our home was in Falmouth, living walking distance to the beach. Summers were spent hunting for buried treasure, mermaid practice, and outdoor showers after long days in the sun and sand. We put on plays, did the paper route, made juice popsicles and collected sea glass. Our childhood was full of magic, and my adult life is consumed with nostalgia for New England.

My father taught us how to hike and ski and camp in the White Mountains. We never knew about campers and RVs, because camping to us meant a long hike, pitching a tent and building a fire. My dad never cooked at home – he left that to my mom – but boy is he a culinary genius over a campfire. I mean, the man makes fettuccine alfredo with steak tips and sauteed mushrooms in the woods for goodness sake. We may have been roughing it out there, but we always ate like royalty. As kids, the White Mountains were our playground. We were skiing at Wildcat Mountain every weekend from Thanksgiving to Easter, and camping the weekends we weren't at the beach. Today, driving up Rt 16 through New Hampshire, and smelling the musty, earthy scent of the mountains feels like childhood.

My mom taught us the importance of family dinners, and why you should make your bed every day – and probably brush your teeth too. There was always, without fail, a homemade snack waiting for us after school. Dinner was a sit down, candle lit occasion every night. From her grew my passion for a beautifully set table. She taught me how to snip blooming branches from a back road, and how to use them in an arrangement. She made her own garland at Christmas from evergreen branches and holly sprigs given to her from our very old, but very sweet, gardening neighbor. We used the good china, ate dessert, decorated for every holiday, and read books out loud to each other every night. She taught me and my two sisters and brother the irreplaceable value of a cherished childhood.

I am using this space (with the huge-tremendous-couldnt-do-it-without-him help from my love and partner-in-everything, Philip) to recreate those magical and enchanting moments from my earlier days. I adore New England- it is my favorite place in the country (dare I say, world?!). I want to share that with others- through the lens, words, recipes, and little adventures we have here on Bread + Barrow. As I have grown, not only as a person but as a New Englander, I have realized the importance of cultivating our region. We have so many beautiful and inspiring resources at our fingertips. Our country was founded here, on our beaches and along our rocky coastline. I find our history and ancestry so inspiring, both in the people that built this nation and the land itself. I am convinced that we can still find mermaids, pirates and woodland creatures here in New England- they may present themselves in different ways now that we are older- but the magic is still here.